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Saddlerock Ranch Malibu Wedding: Joy and Chris

I am so excited to share with you the beautiful wedding of Joy and Chris. Joy and I met many years ago through the wedding industry world. Joy is a coordinator and florist and she was actually the one who did all the flowers at my wedding last year! Over the years, our friendship grew and we both shared our love for weddings and our own dream wedding. Now it was Joy’s turn and I knew her wedding would be glamorous and gorgeous and indeed it was!

The wedding was held at the majestic Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu alongside the hilltop with beautiful views. It was simply gorgeous! Congratulations to Joy and Chris! I am so happy for you both and you both deserve all the happiness in the world! Thank you for having me as your photographer. I am honored to be a part of your lovely and memorable day!

Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-001 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-002 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-003 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-004 saddlerock ranch malibu wedding Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-006 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-007 saddlerock ranch malibu wedding Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-009 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-010 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-011 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-012 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-013 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-014 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-015 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-016 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-017 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-018 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-019 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-020 saddlerock ranch malibu wedding saddlerock ranch malibu wedding Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-023 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-024 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-025 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-026 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-027 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-028 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-029 saddlerock ranch malibu wedding Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-031 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-032 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-033 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-034 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-035 saddlerock ranch malibu wedding Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-037 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-038 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-039 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-040 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-041 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-042 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-043 mr and mrs creamy dessert table mr and mrs creamy dessert table Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-046 mr and mrs creamy dessert table Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-048 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-049 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-050 Saddlerock-Ranch-Malibu-Wedding-051


Ceremony/Reception: Saddlerock Ranch  (http://www.malibuwines.com/weddings/)
Florist:  Fascinare Events (http://www.fascinareevents.com/)
Hair & Makeup:  Beauty in Motion (http://beautyims.com/)
Dessert Table:  Mr. and Mrs. Creamery (http://mmcreamery.com/)
Rentals:  TMMPRO  (http://tmmpro.com/)
Photographer: Sarina Love Photography (web: http://www.sarinalove.com | fb: http://www.facebook.com/sarinalovephotography)