Earl Burns Miller Japenese Garden Engagement Session: Zairah and Steven

If anyone knows me, I have really bad short term memory and really good long term memory. I can clearly remember my first day of kindergarten and I remember the first person I talked to who became my first school friend. Her name was Zairah and for several years after we walked together everyday to and from school. We hung out after school at each others homes and went trick or treating in our neighborhood together. Well, 30+ years later we are still friends and have kept in touch with the help of Facebook. And now, Zairah is engaged and going to get married this February. Ahh I can’t believe it. I’m so honored and excited to be able to be the one to photograph my childhood friend’s wedding.

Check out Zairah and Steven’s engagement session! They are so good for one another and so cute together!

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